ReTale is a comic about eternal workplace damnation. It updates every Tuesday.

Inquiries: retalecomic@gmail.com

Sofía Dávila – Artist

Twitter: @sofa_sofiaa

Sofía Dávila is a spacey hermit who nests in Puerto Rico, though occasionally she manages to wander out pretty far. She bore the constant rains of Vancouver for her first year away and then migrated to the humid marsh lands of Savannah, Georgia, where she scavenged her degree in Sequential Arts at SCAD. She is currently back home making comics and drawing whatever her cursed hand desires. A simple life.

Katy Ho – Colorist


Twitter: @_inktho

Katy Ho was grown fresh in Connecticut for 18 years before she moved to Southern California to rot in art school. Constantly fighting nocturnal tendencies, she churns out fandom merchandise in between various art jobs. Her life is dependent on Tenren’s jasmine milk tea and Kyle T. Webster’s Perfect Pencil 2. She refuses to die until she finishes writing her Ricken Fire Emblem doujinshi.

Nathan Taylor – Writer

Nathan majored in Creative Writing at Florida State University before dropping out to pursue his true passion: entry-level retail. Sadly, dreams of an assistant manager spot were not to be. He currently works for a local business specializing in waste management. He loves dogs, speculative fiction about doomed expeditions, and spicy food.

Naomi Franquiz – Letterer / Concept Artist

Twitter: @naomifranq

Naomi Franquiz is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist who is frequently confused for a sentient pile of sweaters. She works out of delightfully dank Florida, and has published work with Marvel, Image Comics, BOOM! Box, and Power & Magic Press. You can find her online, sleep-tweeting or aggressively enjoying video compilations of rude cats.

Daniel Kelly – Web Designer

Twitter: @LOTHComic

Daniel Kelly was first spotted in Boston, and has stayed in Massachusetts his entire life because it is rad. He inexplicably obtained a degree in economics, and spends his days making comics and web sites, and has never been seen in public without a hoodie even in 90-degree weather. He is the author of Saffron and Sage, as well as Legend of the Hare.